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The NFL Players Association will Jace Sternberger Jersey , as a practical matter, be investigating the NFL Players Association.In response to Panthers safety Eric Reid‘s latest iteration of his allegation that the NFL has subjected him to not-random random PED testing, the NFLPA reportedly is “looking into” the situation, according to David Newton of may just be a way of placating Reid, who apparently believes that the NFL has exclusive authority and control over the selection of 10 players per week from each team that will be subjected to random PED testing, and that the NFL is skewing that process to have his number called repeatedly.“I know what I’m dealing with,” Reid said Wednesday, via Newton. “I have a collusion case against the NFL. This is something that doesn’t surprise me from them. It’s supposed to be random. It’s obviously not. I’m not surprised about it. Even though it seems crazy on the outside looking in, and it is, I’m not surprised.”But does Reid really know what he’s dealing with? As explained on Wednesday, the NFL and NFLPA have collectively bargained the PED testing procedure. Under that procedure Dexter Williams Jersey , they have jointly hired, and they jointly pay, an Independent Administrator to operate the PED testing program. The administration of the PED testing program includes executing the random selection of players to be tested. And if there are any irregularities in that regard, there should be digital footprints, at a minimum.“I know I’ve done nothing wrong, so I’m not concerned that my drug tests will come back . . . that I’ll fail that test,” Reid said. “But the system is lying, much like what I’m protesting. It’s supposed to be a random system. I’ve been looking at math statistics trying to talk to people. I think it’s like a one percent chance that somebody gets tested this much. Statistically, big problem.”But what’s more likely, given the realities of the testing process? A statistical oddity or foul play? And if the NFL were somehow persuading the Independent Administrator to rig the system to target Reid, wouldn’t the Independent Administrator also be rigging the result to generate a false positive? Really Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , what does the NFL gain by surreptitiously engineering a non-random random PED testing process? The satisfaction of knowing Reid has to pee in a cup more often than he should? If Reid nevertheless believes he’s being unfairly targeted, he should quit huffing and puffing and commence the process of blowing someone’s house down. And anyone in the media who’s going to be writing or talking about this situation should take care when creating copy and crafting headlines and hot takes to make it more clear that, absent evidence that the entity jointly hired by the NFL and the NFLPA has rigged the random selection process, this hypothesis remains firmly in tin-foil hat territory.And if no evidence of shenanigans is found, that outcome should be trumpeted as loudly as Reid’s for now unfounded suspicions. On one hand, Saints coach Sean Payton could look at the horrendous non-call from the NFC Championship game, accept the fact that bad calls happen, and hope/assume that the next time a bad call happens his team will benefit from it. (A surprisingly high number of coaches and General Managers react to bad calls and questionable rules precisely this way.) On the other hand, Payton could use the moment that saw his team robbed of a Super Bowl berth as the catalyst for the kind of change that will keep all teams from losing key games, or any games, for reasons other than the actions or inactions of players and coaches.Based on his comments from the aftermath of Sunday’s loss to the Rams (and Monday’s statement from Saints owner Gayle Benson) ... tel-jersey , chances are that Payton will use his position as a member of the league’s Competition Committee to push aggressively for something more than the status quo.And he should. The league seems to be way too willing to shrug and say “sh-t happens” in the wake of one of the worst big-game, big-moment calls in years. While the voices mobilized to date may be willing to keep things the way they are, Payton (and hopefully others) should use this occasion to demand that the league strive for more. That the league strive for better.Perfection never will be obtained. But that never should be an excuse for missing an opportunity to improve.One of the most commonly used football cliches goes something like this: If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. The NFL should always try to get better. And that shouldn’t simply be a phrase that gets rattled off in meetings and fired off in internal emails in order to create the impression that complacency hasn’t taken hold at 345 Park Avenue. It should be something that the NFL demands, from the Commissioner to his executive Vice Presidents to everyone reporting to them and all the way down the organizational chart.Technologies that could improve the manner in which the sport is officiated currently run rampant. But fear of the unknown and/or basic notions of unreasonable frugality leave the NFL acting like the grandparents who refused for years to figure out how to keep the microwave and the VCR from flashing “12:00” repeatedly. Even worse, the NFL often behaves in the modern age like the great-grandparents who refuse to even remove these newfangled doohickeys from the box they arrived in.It works for now, especially with the league emboldened by enhanced TV ratings. It won’t work for long, because the younger generations eventually will go from thinking that the use of, for example, two sticks and a 10-yard chain to determine first downs and a red hankie weighted down by a handful of sand to trigger a coach’s challenge is quaint to viewing it as lame to dismissing it as flat-out pathetic. The challenge for the league will be to make meaningful changes aimed at improving the way games are officiated in light of all available technologies long before that ever happens.And the time to start doing that is right now.