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These points can now be gained through trophies. This did not bother me as Maple M Mesos I did have to innovate in everything through the test. It opens up the game so that those who don't need to perform the story pursuit to level up will not end up feeble at endgame. At exactly the exact same time, it currently forces those who might have only had curiosity about questing to get those points from other ways. I haven't found many complaints on my server in the game about this shift.

Most gamers, such as my spouse and myself, have been able to hit at maximum level in a day or two. During the head start being level 50 this is. I don't have any complaints as long as there are things to do in end match, which at the present time is largely just getting different types of currency for different vendors and getting trophies. This is just if you by chance have already at least gotten one epic piece of gear from a degree 50 regular adventure dungeon.

Let's move on to the ridiculousness that's the drop rate of the epic equips in these dungeons. The drop prices are low, super low -- so much so that at the present moment some equips are going for 14 million Mesos. The limit is 10 and per week is 30.You may easily run 10 dungeons in a couple of hours rather than get one epic drop. If you're level 50 and run 30 dungeons in 3 times there is a high likelihood you'll be pissed at not getting any epic drops or equipment that is going to be an improvement because you already have all the equips from running dungeons.

The fall rates need to be fixed. It's more news become common to say to your teammates,"Good luck getting your epics," because the possibilities are so low. I was lucky to obtain an epic bow, even though not for my class. I exchanged it to my weapon since hell if I was going to get this drop. My suggestion to address this is that it might be better to remove the weekly limitation altogether and keep it like a participant getting rewards for performing 30 dungeons in a week.